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My masks were designed as 2-layer 100% cotton masks. Once Health Canada updated their mask guidelines in early November 2020 I looked at how I could modify my pattern to accommodate a polypropylene layer.

Inventory is listed for 2-layer masks and if that’s what you want –> ignore this option!

Filter options:

If you want to add on filter options for your masks please buy the corresponding number of modifications here. The add-on price is in addition to the base price for any masks you choose.

The way I prep my fabric and inventory means most product is at the construction stage where I can add either of the below filter options. Include a note with your order (on the checkout page) letting me know which choice goes with which fabric, or send me an email ( and let me know. I will try to keep up on notes for specific fabric options that are too far along in the construction process to modify with filters.


2-layer mask with pocket opening for filter:

  • A modification of the regular mask but with side openings to slide in a filter.
  • Recommended only for the large (adult) size mask; on medium and mini masks the side opening will be too small to be able to work a filter in, but I can sew the smaller ones that way if you prefer. Enlist your littlest family members with small hands to position the filter.
  • Fits the same way as the original 2-layer mask.
  • Included in your order will be 3 re-usable* polypropylene filters, but Health Canada advises you can also use a folded paper towel or cut up a polypropylene cloth bag (the cheap kind that isn’t canvas). *As of early November 2020 it is unclear how long a filter like this will hold up to washing and use. For best results hand wash the filters in warm soapy water and air dry.

3-layer mask with polypropylene filter:

  • A modification of the regular mask but with a polypropylene layer sewn in between the inner and outer cotton layers.
  • Shaped and constructed the same way as the original 2-layer mask, but feels stiffer while wearing.
  • Care instructions for polypropylene: hand wash and air dry. Realizing that is not how most masks will be washed I have field tested some prototypes and they appear to be holding up well, but your washing conditions may vary. Prolong the life of the polypropylene layer by washing in warm or cold (not hot) water, and if you tumble dry, remove the masks while still damp and air dry the rest of the way. Please note that I can not guarantee the longevity of the polypropylene layer.

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2-layer with pocket for filter, 3-layer with polypropylene filter