Masks & Sewing

Masks are now discontinued

I made a lot of high-quality, well-fitting, attractive masks when there was a greater need for this earlier on in the pandemic, but it's time to retire.

Please upgrade your masks. Loose-fitting 2-layer cotton masks aren't sufficient anymore. If that's what you've got please consider layering over a surgical/procedure mask (as long as it doesn't make the fit worse). If you like my masks please choose ones with a sewn-in polypropylene filter. I will still make 2-layer masks but please use them for fashion over a high quality mask, but am no longer hosting a store here. Email me if you have questions.

See updated Canadian mask guidance.

About Me:

I'm Jen. I've been sewing since I was 7. As a teenager I made alternations for a local funky clothing store, upcyling and rehabbing denim and other items before it was cool. In the early 2000s I learned to quilt, and a quilter almost never throws out even the tiniest scrap of fabric. Once upon a time I taught home ec to middle schoolers, and sewing to young offenders. In April and May 2020 I contributed a significant quantity of the 10,000+ scrub cabs locally produced for healthcare workers and that depleted my fabric stash quite a bit, but there was enough left for masks. The world opened up, and then school started, and suddenly my family (and I) were very particular about the fit, comfort, and look of their masks. I experimented with a lot of different patterns and we have all decided that this one is our favourite. Maybe it will become yours too.